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WizeBuys Television was founded by direct-response television professionals wanting to offer multiple-system operators and satellite services a consistent revenue stream in exchange for unused or underutilized inventory.

The idea to aggregate blocks of their airtime proves to be a good business decision because it solves many revenue problems for MSOs, broadcast networks and satellite operator’s problems. It is equally attractive for advertisers and agencies wanting a new and cost-effective avenue to consider for their media plans.

WizeBuys is one of the largest 24-hour, unwired networks, for both short and long form advertising. It reaches over 30 million homes per day, including 15 of the top 20 DMAs that deliver an ever-growing audience.

Since 2009, a new management team has aggressively moved to find new opportunities for advertisers and agencies. In mid-2010, WizeBuys announced the ability to offer viewers by region rather than nationally to accommodate buys of all sizes and strategies.

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