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Discover the WizeBuys advantage.

WizeBuys gives your product or service the best opportunity for success.  We have built an unwired network of cable systems, broadcast networks and satellite providers that offer, viewer for viewer, better rates than competitors who target the same audience.

Whether you want to test a new program or increase exposure for a program that has rolled-out, WizeBuys offers an efficient and cost-effective media plan that generates more revenue.  Our unique, unwired network not only increases your program’s exposure, but we support your media effort with well-researched strategic plans and reporting.

Our research team thoroughly analyzes your product and helps identify a core audience with as broad an appeal as possible.  We understand you spend money on time, regardless if the homes using television are interested in your product.  The WizeBuys approach gets your product in front of the biggest share of targeted viewers most receptive to your product’s message.

WizeBuys delivers maximum results.

We have aggregated unparalleled inventory.  We have relationships with scores of system operators, broadcast networks and satellite services that give us expanded opportunities across the country.  We offer millions of viewers nationally or target specific viewers by region.  WizeBuys gives you the ability to test programs, products and services in any number of ways for a price that works with your budget.

Wizebuys subscribes to the Infomercial Monitoring Services (IMS).  To get your product listed on the IMS reports, come to Wizebuys.
Call 215-405-2081 today and let us get to work for you.  If you prefer, send us an email now.