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A WizeBuys specialist will simplify the process for you by programming the Integrated Receiving Device (IRD) prior to it being shipped to your location.  

“AMC-1 @ 103 Degrees West Longitude. 

Frequency:  3995.6750 MHz (L Band 1154.325 MHz)”

The satellite tuning info for WizeBuys is as follows:
Satellite: Galaxy 17 @ 91 Degrees West Longitude
Transponder: C-band Transponder 12, Vertical Downlink
Modulation: DVB-S QPSK
Downlink Frequency: 3936 MHz (L Band 1214 MHz)
Symbol Rate: 3.000 MSPS
FEC: ¾
Network ID: 0
Program # : 2                                
Service is not scrambled; it is “In-the-Clear / Unscrambled / FTA”. No IRD authorization is necessary.

SA / Cisco: D9850, D9865
Tandberg: TT1220 

Motorola: DSR-4402X, DSR-4410.
Please call Tech Support with Tuning and IRD Compatibility Questions concerning the satellite feed: 

For additional technical assistance, please fill out the form below.

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